*Denotes Essential, Natural Oil or Aromatherapy Blend 


*ALMOND – Naturally derived
ALMOND MILK AND HONEY just like mother nature intended. True almond scent, with a milk note and honey.
AMBER LIGHT GOLD has a warm, sweet, woody note.
ANGEL is a blend of honey, chocolate and caramel with notes of vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood.
APPLE BLOSSOM is a floral bouquet of just-opened apple blossoms.
APPLE JILL is like a tangy apple cider with orange peel, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg with a hint of vanilla.
APPLE – A juicy, tangy, fresh crisp apple.
APPLE PEAR - Tree ripened apples blended with fresh juicy pears.
APPLE SPICE - Juicy apples infused with warm ginger and a hint of spicy cinnamon.
APRICOT – Sun kissed ripe fresh apricots.
AUTUMN LODGE - Fragrant fall woods, baking spices and a warm cozy fireplace.
AQUA DI GIO type - Bergamot, neroli, tangerine, rosemary, jasmine and essential oil of patchouli. Very fresh!
AQUA FRESCA (aka Aquatic Dreams) – Ocean and ozone blend with floral notes and hints of musk, Cedarwood and sandalwood.


BABY POWDER – Soft and powdery with hint of rose, jasmine and violets.
BADEDAS – Upscale clean blend of lavender, fir, lemon, eucalyptus, orange, Cedarwood and tonka beans.
BAMBOO SUGAR SCANE – Sparkling citrus, rosewood, grapefruit, sweet plum and sweet sugar.
BARBER'S QUARTET - Notes of rum, amber, musk, fragrant bay and light spice makes this blend a timeless, old school, quintessential barbershop fragrance.
*Basil - Essential Oil
BAYBERRY – Fresh, warm, woody with sweet berry notes.
BAY RUM - Timeless, herbaceous classic with a hint of sweetness.
BAY RUM LIME – This one has added lime for a refreshing crisp scent.
BEACH BREEZE – Ocean and ozone type scent with hints of beach flowers and woods.
BEAUTIFUL Type – A floral blend of rose, jasmine, carnation, citrus, melons, peaches and plums.
BEER – A blend of malt and sweet hops oil.
BEESWAX AND HONEY – Raw beeswax with pure unrefined honey.
*Bergamot – Essential Oil
BLACK ORCHID – Exotic floral blend of fragrant flowers, rich woods and musk.
BLACK RASPBERRY VANILLA – Sun ripened raspberries with sweet creamy vanilla.
BLACKBERRY – A hearty, rich and fruity blend of pure blackberries.
BLUE SKIES – A clean fresh scent of citrus, anise, jasmine, lavandin, musk and cedarwood.
BLUEBERRY - True, fresh picked blueberry scent with a touch of tartness. Very realistic.
BLUESTONE - A masculine scent of smoked cedarwood, bergamot and amber.
BRIDAL SILK – A romantic fragrance of jasmine and calla lily balanced by sweet grass and ivy.
BRITISH EMPIRE - Crisp citrus, exotic oud, golden amber, rich sandalwood and white musk.
BROWN SUGAR – Rich, fragrant scent with a caramel and baking vanilla note.
BUTTER COOKIE – Rich creamy butter, caramel sugar and sweet vanilla.


CACTUS – Green cactus, ozone ocean air, seamoss and blonde wood is very fresh and green.
CARIBBEAN COCONUT – Tropical coconut that’s creamy and sweet with a touch of Vanilla.
CARNATION – A perfect floral with hints of spice notes, just like a real carnation.
*Cedar – Essential Oil
Celestial waters – Sweet, spring mountain water fragrance with ozone accord and a light floral note.
*Chamomile - Special Order
CHAMPAGNE Type – A slightly sweet, effervescent fragrance of just poured bubbly champagne.
CHOCOLATE KISS – A delicious scent of sweet chocolate that’s full bodied and rich.
*Citronella – Essential Oil
CITRUS SPICE – Sparkling fresh citrus with a note of spices like cloves.
*Clove – Essential Oil
COCO LIME COOLER – A tropical blend of ripe coconut, tangy lime with a hint of summer mint.
COCONUT LIME VERBENA – Juicy citrus limes, creamy coconut and lemon verbena with notes of vanilla and musk
COFFEE – Rich, dark black coffee; just like freshly ground coffee beans.
COOL CITRUS BASIL – Crisp, clean and refreshing citrus blended with fresh basil leaves.
COOL WATER – Masculine blend of bergamot, lavender, cedar, balsam, orange flower, amber, oakmoss, vetiver and musk.
COTTON BLOSSOM – A subtle powdery blend of jasmine, violet, gardenia and lemon zest with vanilla and soft musk.
CRANBERRY – Juicy, ripe and succulent with some tart notes.
CREAMSICLE – Fresh picked oranges combined with a hint of vanilla just like that favorite childhood treat.
Crème De La Crème – Creamy, rich, decadent fragrance of sweet milk cream, powdered sugar with notes of caramel. Will discolor due to the vanilla content.
CRYSTAL ASTERIA - A Virgin Island Water duplication. Bergamot, Lime, Coconut, Mandarin, Hibiscus, Jasmine, Ginger, Ylang Ylang, Musk, Rum and Brown Sugar.
CUCUMBER – Straight up cucumber that’s crisp, cool and refreshing.
CUCUMBER MELON – Garden fresh cucumber that’s perfectly blended with honeydew and juicy melons.
CURRANT – Strong, red, tangy and ripe currants with a note of cassis.
CUTTING GARDEN – A crisp green herbal scent with leafy and soft floral notes.
*Cypress-Lime – Essential Oil Blend


DAFFODIL – A fantasy interpretation of leafy greens with soft florals.
DAYBREAK - Blend of oranges, peaches, plums and berries accented with soft white florals and ozone notes.
DESERT HEAT - Mandarin, Atarfruit, Citrus Combava, pear, pineapple, orange blossom, sandalwood, ocean, musk, lavender and driftwood.
DEWBERRY – This wonderful fragrance blends mulberries, blackberries and ripe honeydew melon with a touch of white musk.
DRAGON’S BLOOD – Rich earthy and grounding scent with notes of amber, dark woods, aromatic cedarwood and patchouli.
DRAKKAR NOIR – A masculine fragrance consisting of lavender, tangerine, coriander juniper, sandalwood, patchouli and fir balsam accords.
DREAMSICLE - Just like the orange and vanilla ice cream treat in the summer.


*Eucalyptus – Essential Oil
*Eucalyptus Lemon - Essential Oil
EGGNOGG – Seasonal fragrance of sweet egg cream with notes of vanilla, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.
EUPHORIA - Pomegranate, persimmon, orchid, lotus, amber, mahogany, violet and a cream note. Very sensual and exotic!
Evergreen* (Seasonal) Natural blend of tree and woody essential oils with spice.


FALL FESTIVAL - Red apples, cinnamon, clove buds, dried orange peel and rich vanilla. If you have sensitive skin, this scent might not be for you.
FIG – Ripe sweet California figs with caramelized brown sugar.
FLOWER GRENADE - bergamot, jasmine, iris, violet, freesia, citrus, cedarwood, ozone, musk, vanilla, patchouli, rose and tonka bean.
Forest * Special Order – A blend of woods, spices and sweet notes
*Frankincense – Infused Frankincense tears
FRANGIPANI – A lush, fragrant tropical flower that is an uplifting floral with some sweetness.
FREESIA – A sweet, pretty floral with a white musk note.


GARDENIA – A heady floral that’s rich, beautiful and in full bloom. Also known as Southern Gardenia.
*Geranium - Essential Oil with rose notes
GINGER ALE – Just like a well known fizzy drink or soda, this fragrance has refreshing and bright notes of lime and lemon, ginger and a drydown of musk.
GINGER BLOSSOM – A romantic, gingery blend of tropical florals. It also known as Hawaiian White Ginger.
*Grapefruit Pink - Essential Oil
GRAPEFRUIT MINT – Zesty, fresh red grapefruit combined with cool, fresh mint.
GRASS STAIN – Fresh, green and clean like freshly mown grass after a soft rain.
GREEN MEADOW – A blend of woodsy notes balanced by grasses and soft florals.
GREEN APPLE – A ripe green apple that has just a touch of tartness. Smells juicy and realistic.
GREEN CLOVER AND ALOE – A fresh green scent of summer herbs and citrus on a sheer woody and musk base.
GREEN IRISH TWEED type - French verbena, fresh lemon peel, Florentine iris, Dublin Ivy, green violet leaves, Mysore sandalwood and musky ambergris.
GREEN TEA – A crisp, refreshing and rejuvenating scent of pure, fresh green tea with no citrus, cream or spice notes.


HAVI COGNAC - Citrusy bergamot, fresh lemon zest, velvety cognac and rich spiced tobacco leaves.
HAZELNUT– A rich nutty aroma that’s very true to roasted hazelnuts. No coffee or vanilla notes.
HEMP – Just like Mother Nature intended! It’s fresh, green, woody, herbaceous tenacious and deep.
*Herbal Delight - An essential oil blend of herbals.
*Herbal Mint - A natural blend of lavender, mint and other essential oils
HONEY – Pure, unrefined, raw, sweet honey fragrance with soft floral notes
HONEY SPA GINGER – An upscale scent of ginger, peach, mango, clove, citrus, orange blossom, rose, jasmine, musk and woods.
HONEYSUCKLE – Sweet floral with jasmine and honeysuckle and soft musk.
HONEYSUCKLE LEMON – as above, but with lemon for less sweetness.
HYACINTH – This fragrant floral bouquet fragrance is a sweet blooming floral of freshly picked flowers.
HYDRANGEA – A heady floral with green leafy notes on a background of light musk and blonde woods.


Ice – A cool clean scent of a variety of mints with an added touch of vanilla. 
ICE GRENADE - Extra cooling blast of strong menthol, Natural peppermint and spearmint. Not for sensitive skin.
INDIAN SUMMER – A luscious fruit medley of apples, pears, strawberries and spices, kissed by warm citrus sunshine and leafy greenery.
ISLAND KISS – Tropical fruits of orange, banana, peach and raspberry mingle with subtle florals, sensuous blonde wood and sheer musk.


JASMINE – This elegant white floral fragrance is sweet, exquisite and heady; just like the real, tiny, white flowers in bloom.
*Juniper - Essential Oil


*King's Gift - A natural blend of Frankincense, Myrrh and Amber resin.
KIWI KICKER – Both sweet and tart, this fragrance has notes of gooseberry, soft hints of strawberry, pineapple and banana finished off with a tart lime.
KOUROS type - a masculine blend of Bergamot, Tangerine, spices, Cedarwood, Ambergris and soft jasmine.


*Lavender/Herbal - Natural Lavender Oil with a higher camphor constituent.
*Lavender/French - Pure and natural High Alps French floral Lavender.
*Lavender/Rose - Natural blend of lavender, rose geranium, Howood and rose
LEATHER COWBOY – The finest buttersoft Italian leather refined with a touch of musk. A manly fragrance that’s earthy and elegant.
*Lemongrass - Essential Oil
Lemon Herbal Blend – Natural Lemon oil and herbal essential oils.
*Lemon Verbena - Essential Oil
LILAC – A magnificent floral scent just like a blooming lilac bush in the spring.
LILY OF THE VALLEY – A fresh, fragrant single note floral with some soft green notes.
*Lime - Essential Oil
LOGANBERRY - Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and black currants, just like the famous pancake syrup.
LOTUS – Exotic, mysterious sweet floral tempered with sandalwood, patchouli, amber, vanilla and sweet musk.
LOVE SPELL – A romantic bouquet of mandarin, bergamot, orange, peach and berries with an undertone of musk


MAGNOLIA – A sweet heady intoxicating flower, like a freshly cut beauty that has been picked from the blooming tree.
MANGO – Fresh, sweet, tangy and exotic fruit fragrance from the tropics. It is so juicy and realistic, you will think you have the real thing.
MAPLE SYRUP - A rich sweetness of smooth Vermont maple syrup with a touch of brown sugar. Just like fresh tapped maple from the tree.
MAPLE TODDY - Vermont maple syrup, rich vanilla, buttered rum, fragrant amber and a caramelized sugar note.
MAYAN GOLD – A luxury fragrance of mandarin, lemon, grapefruit, neroli, sandalwood, patchouli, clary sage, vetiver, vanilla, chocolate and musk.
*Menthol Snow - COLD! Made with spearmint, peppermint, corn mint, Corsican mint and lots of menthol
MIB - Polo Black type. It has notes of sandalwood, tonka bean, patchouli, mango, sage, tangerine, lemon and wormwood.
MIDNIGHT ROSE – Blooming, heady oriental rose with hints of patchouli
MUSK – World’s best Egyptian musk. A straight clean musk fragrance.
MYSTIC ROSE – An amazing blend of velvet red roses, incense and a slight peppery note.


NAG CHAMPA – A blend of rare exotic Champa flowers, spices and resins. If you like patchouli, you will love this mysterious, deep and earthy fragrance.
NEROLI – A distinctive flowery, sweet scent that’s uplifting and deliciously aromatic with a slight citrus note.


OAK MOSS or OAKMOSS – Rich, deep and woodsy, with a warm woody aroma. Makes a perfect masculine scent in shave soaps or creams.
OCEAN MIST – Ozone, sea spray and brisk cool air combine in this fragrance that’s cool, clean and refreshing.
OLD SPICE type - A duplication of a fragrance that your dad used to wear as a cologne or after shave.
*Orange Blossom - Essential Oil
ORCHID – Sensuous fragrance of tropical orchids, ylang ylang, rose, jasmine and oriental woods.
OSMANTHUS aka SWEET OLIVE – White floral with hints of fruit, jasmine, lily and olive leaf.


PARADISE – Uplifting orange flower, hyacinth, jasmine, honeysuckle, plum blossoms and ambrette seed combine to create a zesty and tropical scent.
*Patchouli – Dark, iron distilled Essential Oil (well aged)
PEACH – A juicy, fresh, ripe peach with a hint of peach kernel for depth. Luscious, juicy and perfect blend that smell like a real fuzzy peach.
PEACHES AND CREAM – Sweet, fresh creamy blend of Buttercream and peaches.
PEAR – Fresh, juicy, ripe pears picked from the tree.
PEONY – A sweet oriental floral that blooms with rich and complex notes of peony petals, iris, lily and tulips.
*Peppermint - Essential Oil
P.I. FOR MEN – A masculine blend of mandarin, bergamot; lavender, coriander, cedarwood and patchouli.
*Pine - Special Order Essential Oil
PINEAPPLE - Pure, juicy, ripe pineapple fragrance, bursting with freshness.
PLUMERIA – A sweet floral scent with soft green notes. It’s an exotic flower blend that whispers of tropical islands.
PLUM SPICE – Dark, vine ripened plums, spiced with cinnamon, cloves and a touch of vanilla make this fragrance a standout.
POLO GREEN type - Artemisia, basil, thyme, cumin, coriander, cloves, woods, patchouli, oakmoss and vetiver.
PRIME type - Bergamot, carnation, leathery vetiver; hints of lemon and sandalwood.
PRIVATE RESERVE - Tobacco, Whiskey, Lather and Rose combine to create a unique manly scent.
PUMPKIN SPICE (Seasonal) – Creamy pumpkin with warm, spicy notes of nutmeg, clove and cinnamon with a sweet butter note.
*PURE HERBAL - A custom blend of lavender, mandarin, rosemary and spearmint.


*QUIET HERBAL - Soothing essential oils blend of lavender, chamomile, clary sage and others.


RAINY MEADOW – Green grass, soft florals and fresh rain combine with a hint of earth to perfectly balance this fragrance
RASPBERRY – Fresh, juicy, just picked raspberry that’s both sweet and tart.
RED CURRANT – Deeply tart and rich, with some green, leafy accords and a hint of citrus.
RICE FLOWER AND SHEA – Soft, gentle and sweet, this scent has notes of amber, vanilla, powder and musk with a light floral note.
*Riches for abundance – Special Order please inquire
ROOTBEER OR ROOT BEER - frosty, bubbly mug of root beer just like from the old fashioned soda fountain.
ROOT BEER FLOAT - Old fashioned root beer with the addition of creamy, smooth, rich vanilla
ROSE PETALS – Fragrant and realistic blooming rose, similar to Turkish rose, including a hint of the leaves and green stems
*ROSEMARY/MINT - Essential Oils Blend


*SAGE - Essential Oil
SALTY MARINER - Crisp ozone with salty sea spray and ocean air. Smell the thunder of waves crashing against the shore.
*SANDALWOOD – Special Order Essential Oil
SNOW BLISS – A crisp, clean and cool scent with a variety of mints on a freshly fallen snow with a whisper of vanilla
STARGAZER LILY –  A spring garden in full bloom with woods and light fruit notes.
STRESSLESS – A balanced blend of lavender, juniper, sage, mandarin with a touch of woody notes, mint and star anise.
SUEDE - A complex fragrance with citron, bergamot, leather, patchouli violet, birch, sweet tobacco, amber, cedar, tonka bean and oakmoss.
SUMMER SORBET – A refreshing, fruity, sunshine blend of apple, banana, peach, lemon, lime and orange
SUNBURST – OUT OF STOCK A zesty uplifting blend of lemon, lime, apple, orange, peach and tangy grapefruit with notes of violet, lavender, lilac and sheer musk.
Sunflower – Warm, fresh and summery, this fragrance has dazzling citrus, fresh herbs, slight ozone note with floral and woody accords.
SWEETGRASS – Warm, dry earthy scent that is grassy with a sweet top note.
SWEET PEA – A fragrance that delicately balances the scent of sweet pea flowers in full bloom.


*TANGERINE TREAT – Citrus Essential Oils Blend
TEAKWOOD CARDAMON - Cardamom, cinnamon, clove, cedar, amber, sandalwood and patchouli.
TIARE – Exotic, heady and tropical fragrance that’s a sweet floral. Smells similar to Tahitian Monoi blossoms.
TOBACCO FLOWER – Sweet tobacco with masculine, woody and floral overtones.
TUBEROSE – A complex exotic, sweet and heady white floral that’s very elegant and upscale.
TULIP – A fantasy, fun fragrance that captures the green top notes with a floral bouquet and white musk.


*VANILLA - Essential Oil/Absolute
*VANILLA SPICE - Essential Oils and spices Blend
*VANILLA MINT - Essential Oils blend
VERDIGRIS - (Petrichor) Rich mineral soil after a rain, woody notes of teakwood and cedar, mushrooms and green moss.
VETIVER - A masculine blend of vetiver, myrrh, rose, galbanum, pine, and cedarwood.
VIOLET – This is a single note floral of sweet purple violets in full bloom with hints of soft powder.


WARM VANILLA SUGAR – A delectable combination of sweet brown sugar, powdered sugar, vanilla bean pods and sheer musk.
WATER BLOSSOM IVY – A fresh clean floral bouquet with notes of lavender, rose, jasmine, ivy and musk.
WATERFALL MIST – Water inspired ozone fragrance with notes of watercress, fresh grass, clean grapefruit and blonde wood.
WHITE GINGER AND AMBER – Warm spicy ginger meets with precious sweet amber.
WHITE SPICE – A slightly oriental fragrance with a blend of oranges, cinnamon, clove, allspice on a sandalwood base.
WHITE TEA AND GINGER – A complex blend of green tea, fresh citrus, lavender, jasmine, violet, ginger, rose, musk, and woods.
WHITE ZINFANDEL – A sophisticated fruity bouquet consisting of berries, grapes and rose petals on a dry pink wine base.
WIND DANCER - Amber resin, Cranberry, Mandarin, Black Currant, Cocoa, Peach, Rose, Lily and Violet, ending with the soft earthy Prairie Silver Sage.
WINE AND ROSES – A very romantic scent of fragrant, blooming roses with red wine notes.
WISTERIA – A clean floral blend with subtle notes of jasmine, lily of the valley, lavender and rose.


*YLANG YLANG GRAPEFRUIT - Essential Oils Blend
YUZU – Based after a Japanese grapefruit, Yuzu is tangy and fresh with a hint of sweet mandarin orange.

As always if you are looking for a particular scent, a special Aromatherapy or a Fragrance Blend, or a fragrance that you don't see here, feel free to email me. Many of my blends are custom created or blended by me. Wholesale orders are welcome.