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GINGER'S GARDEN™ from Rancho Mirage, California is a one woman business. I make Handmade Artisan Soaps, Wet Shaving Shave Soaps, Shaving Creams, Lotions made to order, Lip Balms, Custom Colognes and Perfumes, Shower Gel Body Wash with organic aloe, Liquid Soap and Natural Aftershave. All are quality products made locally, naturally and with care. GINGER'S GARDEN™ cold process soaps are hand mixed in small batches and hand cut. They are thoroughly dried and cured to ensure that they last. My handmade soaps are gentle and mild and suitable for most skin types. Handmade cold process soaps retain all the natural glycerin that is part of the natural soapmaking process.

Ginger’s Garden Handmade Artisan Soaps are made with these natural ingredients:

Pure natural Olive oil is the largest ingredient in all our handmade soaps. Olive oil is very mild, will not add any scent or final color to the handmade soap and is one of the most gentle oils used in soapmaking. My Castile soap is pure, natural olive oil that can be used on babies, toddlers or children. Some of my olive oils come from California, Arizona and Texas to help support American and local growers and their olive groves. It adds creamy richness with little bubbles to my soap recipe. It is a traditional ingredient used in soapmaking and has been for centuries.

Coconut oil is extracted from the kernel of the coconut tree. There are many of these trees growing locally here in Palm Springs, California. Coconut oil has been used for thousands of years in skin and body care and also in soap. When I went to Tahiti where the locals made their own coconut oil I saw how wonderful this oil is on your skin and how it adds moisture and healthy sheen to their hair. Coconut oil is used in Ayurvedic medicine, in cooking, as massage oil and of course in my handmade soaps.

Palm Kernel oil goes quite far back in history. It is written that palm kernel oil from the seeds or kernels has been used by Pharaohs and Kings of Egypt. I use it in my handmade soaps to add hardness and increase lather. Palm kernel oil works in tandem with coconut oil for a hard soap with large bubbles. It is a cold pressed oil that is hard at room temperature and will not add scent to cold process soaps. I also use it to speed up the saponification or soapmaking process.

Natural Mango Butter comes from the fruit kernels of the mango tree. Mango butter adds mildness and hardness to handmade soap. It contains beneficial qualities in soap, hair and skin care and can be used as is. I use mango butter for its naturally skin nourishing properties. It is a soft creamy butter with a long shelf life. I use mango butter in my natural shaving cream for a smoother shave. This ingredient rocks in my lip balms and lotion bars for its emollient qualities. This is Mother Nature at its best!

Unrefined Pure Cocoa Butter adds richness and a very mild natural scent of chocolate. It is a hard butter that needs a higher temperature to melt when making handmade soap. It comes from the cacao bean and has natural antioxidants. Unrefined cocoa butter is an amazing ingredient that has been used for folk remedies for a very long time. Cocoa butter in its pure state moisturizes and nourishes the skin. This is the same ingredient that is used in fine chocolate.

Castor oil is a thick, liquid vegetable oil that comes from castor bean. It is pressed from the seed of Ricinus Communis. In handmade soaps, castor oil adds creamy, stable, thick and superior lather for lots of bubbles. In biblical times castor oil was called Palma Christi. It is used in many skin and body care formulas for cosmetic and beauty benefits. It is food grade, so it does not contain ricin, has no harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients.

Soybean oil is a protein rich emollient that adds stable lather with conditioning properties. It comes from a plant called glycine soya. Soybean oil works beautifully with coconut and palm kernel oil to create a hard and shelf stable bar. This oil contains naturally high levels of vitamin E, essential fatty acids and lecithin. Vitamin E is an antioxidant, which helps to keep oils stable for a longer period of time. If you have sensitive skin, soybean oil is the logical choice.

Natural Beeswax adds hardness and in small amounts won’t impede bubbles or lather. Beeswax comes from honey combs with a light, natural and pleasant fragrance. I use it so the soap gets harder faster and I can unmold sooner. All my soaps are made with the cold process method and not cooked or gelled, so beeswax helps with the process. I use beeswax in my lip balms as it helps protect the lips and creates a natural barrier from the elements.

Shaving creams and wet shave soaps are made with natural oils and butters. They are available unscented or choose from an extensive Scent List. Shaving soaps have lots of long lasting lather and slickness, stearic acid for stable lather, mango butter for extra moisture and natural clay which makes any razor glide on the skin without nicks or irritation.

Aftershave is made with organic aloe, glycerin and FDA approved alcohol. It contains a small amount of menthol for cooling. Ginger's Garden After Shave is conditioning and helps to close the pores after wet shaving.

I make handmade soaps, shaving creams and glycerin soaps for those who wish for nothing but the very best. They are made with aromatherapy essential oils, pure fragrances and/or colors. As these soaps are hand cut, they may vary slightly in size and weight. If you keep your soap out of standing water puddles and let the soap dry between uses it will last longer.

I am able to do special orders ...minimum quantities will apply. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your soap needs. My products offer the best in highest quality, natural products available to support the mind, body, and spirit. I use no chemical solvents, mineral oil, sulfates or parabens. I invite you to contact me with comments, suggestions, or just to say hello. I look forward to hearing from you!


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