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February 2024

Natural, Organic Ingredients

Not all bath and body care products list their ingredients on their labels. Reading labels and recognizing problem ingredients are a necessary skill for you, as a consumer, who intends to choose products that are mostly natural. The cost of the product is not a reliable indicator of either its quality or natural characteristics.

Lotions and crèmes do not stay on the surface of the skin without penetrating to some degree. If one considers the ingredients being internalized by the body, absorbing plant oils and waxes, mineral pigments or essential oils is a healthier alternative than absorbing petroleum by-products and synthetic chemicals. The ability to choose the right products for you depends on ingredient knowledge, personal needs and market choices. Caring for one's whole body includes skin care choices that support and contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Natural bath and body care products are a safer, healthier alternative, especially when these products are composed of natural ingredients. A natural product is described as one that contains mostly or naturally derived ingredients. It also indicates that the product is free from, or contains minute amounts of artificial chemical additives. Consider switching to our paraben free products, which perform to the same standard as their non-natural counterparts. We offer a wide range of simple, affordable and high quality products. Our products are carefully formulated from organic vegetable oils, plant waxes, plant oils, essential oils from flowers, barks and spices, as well as richly colored mineral pigments and oxides.

Switching to my natural products will help you to avoid feeding your skin harmful chemicals. Many skin problems, such as acne, contact dermatitis, irritations and allergies may disappear once petroleum or synthetic ingredients are removed from your skin care. Using natural products contributes to healthy skin and a healthy body in the long run.

I invite you to give my products a try. Some are natural, some are vegan and all are an excellent alternative to conventional bath and body care.

Renew your senses and beautify your skin with Ginger's Garden handmade, artisan soaps, lotions with natural ingredients or bath and shower gels made with organic aloe.

Well, that's it for now!

As always; if you have any questions, feel free to send me an email

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