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Natural Argan Shaving Cream Creme SoapNatural Argan Artisan Shaving Cream Soap

A Shaving Cream Argan Natural Wet Shave Choose Your Scent

Argan wet shaving cream is the best shaving cream for sensitive skin with stable lather, creamy bubbles and protective oils. Choose your scent from the Scent List.
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Natural Argan Wet shaving cream soap that's on the cutting edge! A shave cream soap that's best used with either a shaving bowl, a scuttle and a brush. Made with natural protective argan oil, soothing avocado, pure cocoa butter and natural stearic acid for stable, creamy bubbles. Brings up the hair for a comfortable close shave. The formula has been specifically formulated for sensitive skin. Each shaving cream jar contains pure natural Argan oil for a slick, smooth shave.

Argan wet shaving cream is a true cream soap. It is soft in the jar. Use a shaving mug or a wet shave scuttle for best results. Put a dollop of the shave cream and a small amount of water and whip up a creamy, long lasting lather with your shaving brush. The natural, low profile jar is wide for ease of use. You can flip the unique lid for easy access and some side protection to keep lather from spilling. Or you can unscrew it for maximum surface area.

NOTE: Please choose your scent from the Scent List, then put your choice in the comments section of the shopping cart. For shaving cream with an Aventus scent, please see the other listing. Ginger's Garden Scent List

4.5 ozs.

Ingr: Stearic Acid, Mango Butter, Castor Oil, Coconut oil, Cocoa Butter, Argan Oil, Avocado oil, Potassium Hydroxide. Contains essential oil or fragrance depending on the scent chosen.

Here is what the wet shaving testers said in their reviews:

It's a thirsty, but very protective cream, with great post shave feel.

This shaving cream is super slick, actually maybe the slickest soap I have ever used. Post shave feel was amazing. I have never felt my skin so soft after shaving.

Desert Heat was the absolute best performing cream I have ever used!

I'm really impressed by the fact that I'm getting these kind of results from a cream. It lathers like a dream and takes water REALLY well. You really did knock this one out of the park!

Great slickness and a wonderful scent

This is one slick shaving cream that sustained the lather much better as I added water.

The lather has great cushion and is protective. Must be the Argan oil.

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