Spearmint Leaf Natural Handmade Artisan SoapSpearmint Leaf Natural Handmade Artisan Soap

Spearmint Handmade Soap Natural with Essential Oil and Green Clay

Spearmint natural handmade soap is fresh and cool for your bath and shower with mild gentle creamy bubbles. The best soap to wash away dirt, grime and oil.
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Spearmint natural, handmade soap is made with pure and natural Spearmint essential oil and skin loving green clay. This soap is crisp, refreshing and minty! Each batch is made with a high amount of olive oil, which is well known in skin care for its hydrating properties, coconut and castor oil for adding creamy bubbles and natural beeswax for hardness. Spearmint soap has been enriched with tropical mango butter for its skin loving properties. Buy this soap for your bath or shower and keep an extra bar by the kitchen sink. Men seem to be partial to this Spearmint soap, but the ladies like it too. This soap is zingy and fresh. It can help you get going in the morning. The burst of spearmint is also a perfect pick me up on a warm day or after a workout at the gym.

I use the cold process method that has been handed down from my mother and grandmother. Spearmint soap has no secret ingredients. I list all the oils and butters that I use. Each bar yields creamy rich bubbles. Each soap is wrapped individually in a matching organza bag with a full ingredient label. None of my soaps contain detergents, sulphates or parabens unlike commercially made store bought soaps. Each soap is hand painted with a spearmint leaf.

4 ozs.

Ingr: Olive oil, Coconut, Palm Kernel, Mango Butter, Castor oil, Soybean, Sodium Hydroxide, Beeswax, Aromatherapy Grade Essential Oil of Spearmint, Natural Green Clay. Each soap is hand painted with a Spearmint leaf.

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